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5 Things Every Tall Women Has Experienced

  1. Pull up or Pull down (the jeans struggle).
    If you’re a woman who stands above the crowd you are oh too familiar with the (former) struggle of pulling up or pulling down. You want your jeans to reach your ankles or even touch the ground? You have to buy a size too large, wear a longer shirt and attempt the pulling down method. (The long shirt, of course, is to cover any backyard slips that may occur when you go to sit down or reach for something that dropped on the floor.) Which, of course, brings us to our next issue.

“Try wearing capris on the east coast in the cold.”

2. Trying to find jeans that you don’t have to convert into capris.
Closely related to the pull-up or pull-down struggle is the finding jeans that fit struggle. Instead of going with the pull-up or pull-down method you have resolved with the fact that although your height is beautiful and designers around the world make outfits perfect for tall slender women to walk down runways, you will never find a pair of jeans that are actually long enough. As a result, you have decided that you will convert all your favorite jeans into capris. While fashionable this becomes a bit more complicated in the less climate-friendly places of the world. Try wearing capris on the east coast in the cold. Trust me, four years in North Carolina taught one of our Tallies a serious lesson about cold ankles. In summary, UGGS became a winter necessity and the shoe of preference. (Note of caution despite the marketing you will still slip on ice. They only look like snow friendly boots).

3. The number of attractive shoes drastically reducing significantly with larger shoe sizes.
As if perfectly planned our next major issue is shoe shopping. Us Tallies often wear slightly larger shoe size 9 and up, which tends to be a problem in almost every shoe store. Finding attractive shoes as a tall woman comes to a close second behind finding the perfect length jeans. Seemingly impossible, but we still reserve hope.

“Sexy heels back to the dark and dusty spot in the closet reserved for our tall heel dreams.”

4. Going out with all of your short friends (to wear heels are not to wear heels).
After finally finding a pair of shoes appropriate for both your style and your outfit you’ve hit a new snag. To wear heels or not to wear heels. As women, we’ve been told through marketing, fashion, and by every model to walk a runway that heels are SEXY. What woman doesn’t want to look and feel sexy? However, the problem arises when we have finally mustered up to put our sexiest heels on and we are going out with our less vertically advantaged friends, the beautiful “shorties.” While we love our friends we don’t love the attention that comes from the obvious height differential so more likely than not we resolve to wearing flats to even out the height disparity. Sexy heels back to the dark and dusty spot in the closet reserved for our tall heel dreams.


5. Your floor length maxi doesn’t touch the floor.
While we are in the back of the closet what do we find? The section of floor length maxi’s that don’t actually touch the floor. It’s safe to say we are all tired of shopping for floor length maxi’s and only finding ankle length mini dresses. We know, we know, we don’t like it either.

“Don’t let the struggles of being tall keep you from confidently standing above the crowd.”

Thankfully, AllThingsTall has heard the cry of the exhausted tallie and has done something about it. Check out AllThingsTall for long length jeans up to size 20 and the new line of items rolling out soon. Most importantly don’t let the struggles of being tall keep you from confidently standing above the crowd.


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